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A Review of Lavagame

On the off chance that you have a sweet tooth, at that point lavagame might be the thing for you. Lavagame is a sweet minimal game that anyone can play and that will keep you occupied for a really long time. You will find that it’s anything but difficult to get this game and once you do, you are snared.

You start the game with a solitary treat. You should then move your piece of candy around the board to gather more treats. Each time you contact one of the three sweets icons, you get one point. It very well may be dubious to sort out the various focuses however once you do, you will be snared.

Floor Is Lava" Game Goes From Living Rooms to Netflix

As you move around the board, you will experience a wide range of directions to move your piece of candy. Each unique direction has an alternate goal, which is to move your treat as distant from the other sweets icons as could reasonably be expected. The target will consistently be the equivalent. As you move away from different icons, your confection will pick up focuses however the farther it moves, the more focuses you get. At the point when you arrive at a specific point, the target changes and you can attempt to get to that point as quick as could be expected under the circumstances.

Whenever that you are moving, contacting, or gathering focuses, your treat will begin to top off. At the point when you have no sweets left in your treat, the goal for that specific level changes. The target will change from basically moving to an alternate direction, to scoring more focuses. The more focuses you score, the higher your confection will move.

Once your piece of candy tops off, the confection will drop down to the lower part of the screen. The goal is to arrive at the lower part of the screen first before your treat drops down.

The only way that you can commit an error with Lavagame is in the event that you need more space to put your sweet treat into the game. On the off chance that you don’t top off the confection, at that point you need to begin once more and attempt once more. On the off chance that you top off your sweet treat, at that point you can move your piece of candy anyplace that you need to, regardless of whether it goes off the highest point of the screen.

At the point when you are playing Lavagame, you may feel like you are playing a game that is like Candy Land or Doodle Jump. In any case, Lavagame is vastly different and is one of the most engaging games that you have played.

You will appreciate playing Lavagame in light of the fact that it is relentless and amusing to play. This is another game that isn’t intended to be played alone. You may need to play Lavagame with relatives and companions in the event that you don’t approach your PC and you have to make it an incredible gathering.